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 Medical Qi Gong


Medical Qigong is a branch of ancient Chinese energetic and healing system of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), along with acupuncture, herbal medicine, and Tui Na, medical massage. The goal of medical Qigong is to correct these bio-energetic imbalance and blockages which believed as the cause of all illnesses. We practice these particular form, formless, and Daoist meditation to strengthen and regulate the internal organs, the nervous system and the immune system.  The medical Qigong practice enables human body and the mind waking up and gaining the power to relieve pains in physical and deep-seated emotions; the medical Qigong treatment serves as preventional health care as well as complementary and alternative medicine.

The medical Qi Gong is classic Qi Gong with new research of Traditional Chinese Meidicine!




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 The Three Treasures ©

- Between Heaven and Earth, lies man 
This medical Qi Gong is dedicated to whose
who love extraordinary health!

Since ancient Dr. Hou Tuo – father of Traditional Chinese Medicine invented five animal frolics to use certain movements as energy medicine to keep good health and to heal, there are many Chinese Traditional Medicine doctors and martial arts masters devoted their life time to further the development and refinement to this wonderful healing art through generations.  

The medical Qi Gong is one of kinds of Qi Gong exercise that based on and guided by the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It serves as self-energy cultivation according the meridians of human body and working with body's energy points and channels. 

The Three Treasures Medical Qi Gong break through with its touches and emphasizes on 14 meridian channels Qi flow, nurturing and cultivating the energy in three Dan Tian’s of the human body.      

Taking in the Chinese concept of the harmony of the Three Treasures of the Heaven, the Earth, and Man, manifesting with 3 postures/movements for each group and total 9 sections of the set, each single of them focus on one or more meridian channels with a well designed Qi Gong posture/movement, as well as explained medically - that is simple enough for people who are interested in understanding the relationship of TCM and Daoist way of health in Qi Gong, and clear enough for people who are simply interested in practicing Qi Gong to keep a great health, to balance the unbalanced physical or emotional conditions, gain power to against diseases and live well!    

The Three Tresures (Qi Gong Section List)

Heaven (1) Heaven Energy. (2) Connecting to the Universe. (3) Opening the Heart.

Earth  (1) Flowing Earth Energy. (2) Balancing the Energy. (3) Strenghen the Energy

Human  (1) Nuturing the Spirit. (2) Cultivating Energy. (3) Harmony of the Three Treasures

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